About PIDA

During the year 2003, a group of renowned dealers in second-hand equipment for the paper, pulp, paper converting and printing Industries from Europe and the USA met in Germany and discussed a plan to set up some rules and regulations for the interactions with each other and how this synergy could be used for the benefit of themselves and their customers. Two months later the group met again. They agreed to found PIDA "Paper Industry Dealers Association". PIDA began operating under the principal of fair, ethical, and professional business practices.

PIDA continues today as a vibrant group of dealers working together in support of each other as it pertains to their individual advancement and the advancement of their customers.

The second-hand machinery market is beginning to see a very positive change in the way the customer feel they are supported. This change is resulting in a better working environment for everyone involved.

PIDA will continue to move forward welcoming new Member dealers and welcoming new customers who can now feel more comfortable in this process because they now have a dealer looking out for their best interests every step of the way.

Please contact a PIDA Member dealer whenever you need or want to sell any second-hand machinery.

Members of the Board

Nicolás Iragorri, Mupap Internacional (President)  Nicolás Iragorri Mirek Dostal, Celpap (Treasurer) Mirek Dostal
Shahram Aslani, Proserv (Secretary) Shahram Aslani